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Our Expertise - Effectively Creating Demand

The ability to create organic growth is a direct reflection of the true health of a business.  In our experience, the root cause of stagnant organic growth tends to be that the organization has lost sight of the role it plays in addressing the needs, wants, and desires of its customers.

Of course, successfully serving today’s customers presents some unique challenges. 

  1. They have instant access to product and pricing information.

  2. They demand products customized to their individual needs. 

  3. They have high expectations of quality personal service.

  4. They broadcast when they are frustrated. 

This makes capturing and retaining their business — and doing so profitably — more challenging than ever. To succeed, businesses must use all the talents, tools and technologies at their disposal to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

At cg42, we understand the value of adopting a customer’s holistic view of our client’s businesses to uncover their unique areas of strength and vulnerability. Our advisory services offer the experience and perspective needed to turn customer insight into strategies that effectively create and increase demand.  Of course, our story is best illustrated through the stories of our clients – below are a few examples.

For more information on cg42’s expertise across the following functional areas:

  1. Consumer & Customer Insights

  2. Marketing Strategy

  3. Brand Strategy

  4. Portfolio Management

  5. Digital Strategy

  6. Marketing Effectiveness

  7. Marketing Organization

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer, therefore, the business enterprise has 2 basic functions: marketing & innovation.”
-- Peter Drucker