Miyuki Moriyama, Director |

As a child growing up in Argentina during the hyperinflation years, I’d always wanted to be of service to “help make the world a better place.” I wanted to have an impact. The natural path for my career would have to be in public service – that is, of course, until it wasn’t.


Before starting college in Japan, I planned to work at the United Nations, but after completing graduate school in New York, I decided to become a management consultant. During my shift from one path to another, I wondered: how can I reconcile developing business strategies for multinational corporations with my desire to serve others and have an impact?


I’ve always been curious – about life, the world – and drawn to stories of change, growth, and transformation that reveal the opportunities for impact we each have. Over the years, my curiosity and desire to have an impact have led me to camp in the wilderness for 10 days, run in local races for charity, rock climb in Joshua Tree while learning to meditate, volunteer in Costa Rica for sea turtle conservation, earn my scuba diver’s license and take surfing lessons, discover Pilates and bike over 100 miles through the hills of Tuscany. 


What I’ve always loved about consulting is the intellectual challenge, the constant change of pace, the dynamic problem solving. But I yearned for more accountability – to reconcile my curiosity with the visible change and impact I craved.         


I wanted an opportunity to see our recommendations implemented, to see an impact in the organization. Over the past decade, even as I worked on some of the most pressing business challenges with many of the largest and most respected companies in financial services, telecom, technology, CPG, and hospitality, it was not always easy to see the difference our team was making in the traditional consulting model. More often than not, we would leave once our strategic recommendations were delivered, never to witness the impact of those recommendations.


At cg42, I’ve finally found the perfect balance between satisfying my intellectual curiosity and my drive to effect change. Although sometimes it may not be as easy to arrive at an elegant solution, the ultimate goal for our projects is to have a tangible impact on the client organization. As I continue to seek opportunities to help businesses write their stories of transformation, I look forward to my next travel adventures to continue with my own personal growth and exploration.

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