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As soon as I started running towards the edge of the cliff I knew there was no turning back. A couple of hours earlier I had decided to face my fear of heights and signed up for a paragliding adventure. The flight was a 6,500 ft. descent from the top of Babadağ Mountain to the calm shores of the Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz, Turkey. The anxiety I felt as we drove up to the launch site was heightened by my curiosity to find out more about the safety of the sport. A quick search from my mobile phone revealed the fatality rate of paragliding is twice that of skydiving. Why, I though, did I ever sign up for this?

Three months earlier, in April of 2010, I had resigned from my job of six years at a marketing consultancy and embarked on a six-month journey across four continents. I needed new perspectives and fresh inspiration. I was curious to learn more about the world and myself.

In South Africa, I enjoyed the thrill of the World Cup, which Spain—my favorite soccer team—won! The beauty and diversity of South Africans and their land were a great source of inspiration. In India, I reconnected with old friends at one of my best friend’s wedding. It was a colorful celebration of life, love, and everything that's beautiful in this world. In Chile, the crystal-clear views of the stars from the Atacama Desert were a humbling reminder of the greatness of our universe. And in Provence, the incredible sunsets, which add a special luminescence to even the most mundane of things, helped shed light on what really drives me—my curiosity.

The curiosity that kept me on the move, meeting new people, learning about their cultures, and understanding their challenges and the innovative ways in which they overcome them, is the same curiosity that brought me to the U.S. back in 1998 to study economics at Stanford University. Curiosity is what drives me to learn and to push my limits, and consulting feeds my curiosity.

At cg42, I get to work with and learn from some of the most talented business leaders form around the world, helping them solve some of the most complex business challenges. Through my work, I’ve had the chance to develop a deep understanding of various industries, including financial services, telecommunications, technology, professional services, and consumer goods and services. At cg42, I’ve also had the chance to satisfy my curiosity by exploring new ways to measure brand equity, measure return on marketing investment, and develop growth strategies that have shaped industries.

The view of the Turkish coast from 6,500 ft. was gorgeous. Of course there were a few scary moments—especially during a spiral dive—but I had to face my fear of heights to gain a new perspective. My adventures during those six months were a reminder that I am happiest when I push myself, remain curious and continue to learn. At cg42, I get to learn and apply that knowledge to have a meaningful impact on businesses around the world.

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