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After a decade of painting and exploring new ways of expression, I am now sitting in front of a white canvas, once again pondering upon a theme that will drive my next body of work…  In the past I’ve dabbled in the thin line between realism and abstraction, painting with watercolors crafted by hand with earth, charcoal and ultramarine blue.

My intrigue with finding ‘the next new thing’ and seeing the unexpected among the expected started early in age – perhaps as I pieced together roots from my Guatemalan upbringing and my parent’s Cantonese heritage.

I was fascinated in approaching topics that were not broached and as I graduated college, I worked on a full plan to privatize Guatemala’s telecommunications.  This work invited full fledge national media phrase and criticism, culminating in a debate with the country’s telecom oligopoly’s chief, who later became a friend.

Understandably, I ventured into management consulting, searching for ‘truth’ while creating growth.  From Madrid, to Egypt; and from Paris to Detroit; from wireless telecom and high tech to CPG and automotive – all efforts were centered in how to help clients craft a new way of ‘seeing’ and realizing their goals.  A highlight was when a former client and Fortune 500 CMO, invited me to join her team and build a brand from the ground up in the automotive insurance world. 

The need to create and innovate also drove me to take a year’s leave of absence and become the interim dean for a business school, where we resolved to use ‘entrepreneurial risk’ as an asset and core learning program to give the school new wings.

And the thirst to create and grow continues, and suddenly I found myself co-launching a food blog; indulging in Plato and Aristotle through Socratic reverie; biking for more than 100 miles along the Loire; and expanding in the dream of one day writing a book to help raise consciousness and put creativity to good use.

Being part of cg42 is a natural expression of the passion to create, both professionally and personally, through a lens that dares to be unique and different, being part of a team I deeply respect and admire.

Going back to the white canvas, I’ve chosen to explore the topic of awakening – spiritual, mental and physical awakening, which is the fire that leads to create, meaningfully. 

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