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We help companies answer the critical questions that help them compete at the speed of change.

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Why does your company exist?

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Where is your company choosing to play and why?

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What audience must you grow and influence to win?

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How will you choose to win against the competion?

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In order to win, what capabilities are vital to build and maintain?

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We arecompetitive strategyspecialists

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The biggest challenges demand the boldest

We help some of the world’s leading companies define and execute the bold moves required to get ahead of their competition.

We do this by asking unexpected questions, challenging assumptions, treating insights as a competitive advantage and rejecting the instinct to imitate. Every cg42 client benefits from original thinking, created exclusively for them, to solve their specific problems.

Case Studies

The first rule of competitive strategy is: You don’t talk about competitive strategy.

cg42 has the priviledge of helping guide some of the most complex transformations in the world of business today. Our insight contributes to bold changes to the business, technology, and marketing strategies our clients pursue.

Our work is very confidential and very effective.

CG42 - Microsoft


Redefining the Brand Portfolio for long-term value creation.

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CG42 - Brighthouse Financial

Brighthouse Financial

Creating a $250B Retirement Company.

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CG42 - AT&T


Building unique value for diverse audiences.

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CG42 - MetLife


Transforming a 150-year-old insurance icon.

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CG42 - Ford


Defining the Future of Transportation.

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