Every challenge has hidden within it an opportunity so powerful that, in comparison, dwarfs the current problem.

cg42 was established with a simple goal – to help businesses align the operations, finance, and marketing functions behind the core principle of creating customers.

We believe in a “boutique” model, partnering with a limited number of senior management teams whose desire for change and bias towards action match our own. We have successfully helped Fortune 100 companies in the Financial Services and High-Tech sectors and mid-sized companies in the Consumer Services sector make the immediate and long-term changes necessary to create significant top-line growth and incremental profitability. New approaches, like our patent-pending Brand Vulnerability methodology, have been a critical factor in positioning our clients to break through the competitive clutter.

Leadership team

Every consulting firm claims their people and culture are their greatest assets and then provide you with a long list of clients and industries that they have worked in. We have decided to make all of that information available to you on LinkedIn and instead give you a glimpse into what motivates our senior team.

We invite you to learn more about our key leaders through their stories:

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer, therefore, the business enterprise has 2 basic functions: marketing & innovation.”

– Peter Drucker

Our Expertise -
Effectively Creating Demand

The ability to create organic growth is a direct reflection of the true health of a business. In our experience, the root cause of stagnant organic growth tends to be that the organization has lost sight of the role it plays in addressing the needs, wants, and desires of its customers.

They have instant access to product and pricing information.

They demand products customized to their individual needs.

They have high expectations of quality personal service.

They broadcast when they are frustrated.

This makes capturing and retaining their business — and doing so profitably — more challenging than ever. To succeed, businesses must use all the talents, tools and technologies at their disposal to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.
At cg42, we understand the value of adopting a customer’s holistic view of our client’s businesses to uncover their unique areas of strength and vulnerability. Our advisory services offer the experience and perspective needed to turn customer insight into strategies that effectively create and increase demand. Of course, our story is best illustrated through the stories of our clients – below are a few examples.



Employing a rigorous analytical approach, our team help leading financial services companies around the world achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Financial Services

Our team has helped leading professional services firms create demand by helping them identify growth segments, aligning their offering with client needs, and effectively positioning themselves as thought leaders in their areas of expertise.

Professional Services

We help our clients rationalize their brand portfolios and offerings, and focus on their top customer segments to dramatically improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.View Case Studies


We advise telecommunications companies on how to effectively create demand by focusing on profitable customer segments, organizing offerings around customer needs, and developing partnerships with new category entrants.


Focusing on the entire value chain — from product manufacturers to providers and payers — to effectively create demand by focusing on profitable segments, the creation of new brands, and development of brand portfolio strategies


Our consultants have advised consumer goods and services companies on a broad range of issues by helping them identify the underlying consumer needs, behaviors and category insights.View Case Study

Consumer Goods & Services

Focusing on a broad range of issues by helping clients identify the underlying consumer needs, behaviors and category insights.


“The impossible often has a kind
of integrity which the merely
improbable lacks.”

– douglas adams


cg42 was established with a simple goal – to help businesses align the operations, finance, and marketing functions behind the core principle of creating customers. We felt that many of the traditional approaches to growth strategy had not kept pace with the changing face of today’s informed and demanding consumer, and did not provide the business leader with the insight required to make the hard strategic choices that can position their organizations for long-term success.
This section is devoted to featuring cg42’s thought leadership and the new approaches to addressing growth challenges that we have been developing. To date, we have conducted Brand Vulnerability studies in the US hospitality and retail banking industries.
The 2014 Cable Industry Brand Vulnerability Study examines the Top 5 cable companies in the US based on a survey of 3,038 existing and former customers.…
read more

The 2015 Retail Banking Vulnerability Study measures the frustrations of existing customers of the Top 10 Retail Banks in the US…Read More


Retail Banking

Brand Vulnerability Study


cg42 offers you the opportunity to grow and excel in a vibrant, results-oriented, and entrepreneurial environment. Our consultants are passionate and inquisitive, consistently developing new and inventive intellectual capital to solve tomorrow’s marketing challenges. We seek people with intelligence, integrity, and deep industry expertise.
If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities at cg42, please contact us at: careers@cg42.com