Cord Cutter & Cord Never


August 2016

Cord Cutter &
Cord Never Study

Our 2016 Cord Cutter & Cord Never Study builds on our 2014 Cord Cutter Study by providing a focused look at both U.S. consumers who opted out of subscription-based paid-TV service in the last two years (i.e. Cord Cutters) as well as U.S. consumers who have never subscribed to paid-TV service (i.e. Cord Nevers). The inclusion of Cord Nevers in this version is reflective of the growing trend, particularly among younger consumers, to opt for streaming services and avoid subscription-based paid-TV altogether.

In this study, we uncover the key reasons and frustrations that led Cord Cutters to terminate their paid-TV subscription and Cord Nevers to avoid this service altogether. Additionally, we also examine the types of services (paid and unpaid) that these consumers use to access content, the types of devices they use to consume it, and how much they typically spend on these services.

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  • Online survey of 1,119 U.S. consumers
  • 759 Cord Cutters (cut the cord in the last 2 years)
  • 360 Cord Nevers
  • Sample is representative of U.S. market
  • Field dates: July 25 through August 1, 2016

Top 5 Frustrations Driving Cord Cutting:

  1. Not getting competitive/reasonable rates/pricing
  2. Having to pay for channels / content I don’t watch
  3. Being nickeled & dimed with multiple fees & charges
  4. I could no longer afford Paid-TV / it was too expensive
  5. New customers getting better deals than existing ones

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