Amazon Prime


December 2016

Amazon Prime Study

Our December 2016 Amazon Prime Mini-Study aims at understanding and modeling the impact that Amazon’s large investments in original and exclusive video content are having on Amazon Prime membership and how the organization is monetizing Prime subscribers across its whole range of offerings.

Amazon’s large bet on original shows like The Man In the High Castle, Transparent and, more recently, The Grand Tour is paying off for the company, driving significant increases in Amazon Prime subscriptions, and creating deeper and more lucrative customer relationships.

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  • Online survey of 1,205 US consumers:
    • 1,002 Amazon Prime Subscribers
    • 203 Amazon Prime Non-Subscribers
  • Sample is representative of the US Market
  • Field dates: November 23 through November 27, 2016

In this study, we seek to answer the following questions:

  • Why do consumers subscribe to Amazon Prime?
  • What impact does original and exclusive content have in driving subscriptions?
  • How much do subscribers typically spend shopping with Amazon?
  • Does Prime membership alter the shopping and content consumption habits of subscribers?
  • How much incremental revenue have Prime members
    contributed to Amazon in 2016?
  • How satisfied are Prime members and how likely are
    they to renew their subscriptions?

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