TBC Holdings becomes Vivial

In 2016, TBC Holdings a local media leads generation company, engaged cg42 to help it to create bold action around the biggest transformation in its 100 year plus history. The goal was to take a legacy print business, a series of opportunistic and complementary acquisitions and an emerging strength in data, measurement and targeting and turn it into an Ad tech powerhouse that could lead in one of the most competitive marketspaces around.

The Skinny

Create a bold vision for the brand that made total sense of its set of assets.

cg42 partnered with the TBC Holdings leadership team to help create a bold vision for the brand that made total sense of its set of assets. The strategy oriented around helping their partners and customers optimize for the 4V’s—visibility in market, volume of leads, velocity of close and value of service. This powerful mnemonic created real cohesion for the leadership team and made it clear that this house of acquired brands would be far more powerful under a single go-to-market brand.

Cueing off of the strategy and evaluating the technology landscape, cg42 worked with the client to develop a host of names that were contemporary but didn’t feel ‘impermanent’ like many technology brands can. The team landed on ‘Vivial’ a truncation of the word ‘Convivial’ that means friendly, sociable and lively.

We then set to work turning a portfolio of companies that included LocalVox, Colony Logic, mGage and other brands into a single portfolio strategy that oriented around the customer rather than around the technology or capability they provided.

Vivial today is emerging as a groundbreaking Ad Tech company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results. A company that used to be synonymous with the Yellow Pages is now at the leading edge of the Ad Tech world.

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