2016 Wells Fargo Scandal Impact Study

Our October 2016 Wells Fargo Scandal Impact Study aims at understanding and modeling the impact of Wells Fargo’s recent fraudulent sales scandal on its reputation, competitive position and finances. This study is part of our continuous coverage of the U.S. Retail Banking industry and our bi-annual Retail Banking Vulnerability Studies, which model customer attrition across the Top 10 U.S. Retail Banks and its financial impact to the industry.

  • In this study, we seek to answer the following questions in particular:
  • To what degree has Wells Fargo’s reputation been tarnished by the scandal?
  • How will the scandal impact switching behavior for Wells Fargo?
  • What is Wells Fargo’s projected financial loss–both in terms of deposits and revenues–over the next 12-18 months?
  • Which banks are most likely to benefit from the fallout?